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The Story Behind Our Name - Why Le Bouton?

Our story begins with our buttons – commonly known as “cufflinks”. Le Bouton – meaning “the Button” in French – represents a double-breasted shirt “Button”.

The modern Gentleman needs a diverse yet unique looking pieces to his accessory collection. Distinguished style and simplicity should be every Gentleman’s vogue. We at Le Bouton strive to cater to that aspiring need.

Our vision is to offer timeless pieces to the discerning gentleman. Our Buttons are not a mere accessory, they are an extension of one’s sense of style and self. Our products will make one stand out – adding a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit.

About the Founders

With over 50 years of South African heritage combined between its Founders, Le Bouton is proud to embark on its journey here in South Africa. To the heart of our brand, our french influences stem from one of our founders, deriving his fashion sense from a French-Italian blend. He lives by a simple fashion principle:

“Don’t Dress to be Seen, Dress to be Remembered.”

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